Friday, August 12, 2011


Last weekend we decided to head to southern Oregon and visit our dear friends from college, the Barsalous. We've adopted the kids as "cousins" to Ellie because they may never have any real cousins. Of course, as we told one of the boys, Ellie is the kind of cousin it would be OK to marry someday.

Ellie had a blast playing with the kids. Four kids makes for a busy and fun household, and Ellie loved every minute of it. Haddie loved playing with another girl, I think.

As "Aunt Melissa" (formerly known as Uncle Lissa) I had to bring some fun projects. Every morning one of the boys would come find me and ask, "Can we have our surprise today?" Such precious kiddos! We painted frisbees one day, colored calendars, and made foam puppets.

We took a day trip to a nearby river. Our little water lover was excited, despite the very cold water.

Michael and the babies.

Dads and daughters.

Ellie and Lillie...future college roommates?

Of course, we had to have a photo shoot and get some pictures of the kids. Hudson took the job of holding Ellie very seriously.

We love this precious family and can't wait to visit again. These kids sure do grow fast, and we never get to see them enough!

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