Friday, December 30, 2011

The Purple Sweatshirt

I wasn't intentionally taking a blog-hiatus, but it happened. I can blame it on the busyness of the holidays and all the presents I handmade this year. More likely, I will blame it on fatigue, nausea, and classic morning sickness. Yes, I'm pregnant and as of yesterday I've made it through the first trimester.

We are due June 28 and have already had 3 ultrasounds. I have been less sick (not necessarily less nauseous) this time around but more tired. Ellie will be only 20 months older than her sibling, so we are anticipating all sorts of fun. I have already found differences between this pregnancy and the last. It is very different going through pregnancy when we already have a little one. I find I'm not as all-consumed with the pregnancy and at times even forget I'm pregnant! Having a toddler to distract me makes me tired but also is making this time fly by. June feels very near.

My goal for this upcoming year is to blog more consistently, so here's to hoping.

My mom gave me a purple sweatshirt that I wore as a baby and Ellie's been wearing it lately. She's almost outgrown it already, so I had to post a comparison:

(Me, at about 15 months)

(Ellie, at about 14 months)

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Mary said...

Two very precious beautiful individuals!!!