Tuesday, February 26, 2013


In less than three weeks we leave Fresno and head north. We will spend our last month in the States split between Idaho with Michael's family and in Oregon. We can't wait to pause after a hectic time of preparation. Michael is looking forward to having some time with no work emails to check.

I took a quick, last minute trip to Oregon a couple weeks ago to spend a few days with my niece and nephews who were visiting from Texas. It was a special time for cousins to play and build memories before we leave for Guatemala.

My stubborn 2-year old refused to smile. And my adorable nephew was hiding behind Hazel.

Ellie loved every second she spent with her cousins. It's hard to imagine what life will be like the next time we get to see these sweet cousins. 

Hazel went swimming for the very first time with Grandma. I think we have another water fiend!

We are in the throes of preparations. We had a moving sale last weekend and sold most of what we own. It was a success, but we still have enough to put it all out on our lawn again next weekend. Michael's mom was here to help this past week and it was a huge help as we packed and sorted and sold several items on Craigslist. Our house is feeling emptier every day.
Our makeshift high chair since we sold ours.
Thanks for all your help, Buela!
We continue to process this move. I find myself focused on all that needs to get done: eye exams and dentist appointments, vaccinations and physicals, paperwork and deciding what we might have room for in our limited luggage and what we should keep in storage. At moments I remember that there's language school and then a job at the end of this process, and I am reminded that we have several changes ahead of us. Ellie has been resilient as many of her toys were carted off last weekend at our sale. Please continue to pray for our girls as they have a lot of adjustments to make in the next weeks and months.

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