Thursday, May 9, 2013

From Our Balcony

We live on the second story of our apartment building on a very busy road, right near the corner of a major intersection. From early in the morning until maybe 10:30 or 11:00 at night the buses and cars are  extremely noisy. Right next to us, on the corner, is a panaderia which emits a sweet bread smell all day long. Michael's new addiction is pan dulce, a slightly sweet bread that pairs well with coffee.

Yesterday I snapped a few pictures to share. All of these are from our balcony or right inside.
The man on the left stands on this corner every morning and sells flowers.  Today I noticed a security guard holding his gun. He was with the van parked in front of where they're standing. It's common to see guards with guns everywhere. The bus line we take to school every morning employs a guard with a gun to sit on each bus to help cut down on crime and robberies. 
Looking out to the right. The building on the left is a futsal arena. We can hear the players playing and yelling when they score well into the night.
Looking out to the left. The stop sign is directly in front of the panaderia with another one right across the street. 
Daddy and Ellie coming back from a walk to the tienda.

And a few bonus pictures of our family: 
Ellie telling Daddy her Spanish words. She calls this book the "El Bebe" book. 
Our little ten-month old. She's standing and cruising and my guess is we'll blink and she'll be walking. 



Jamie said...

I love, smell of bread, adjusting, all of it!! Your "ciao" made me laugh too, partly cause of the spelling (sorry, it's the English/Spanish teacher in me...couldn't help it) and partly because I remember when I got to Latin America and heard people saying that and thought, "Why are these Spanish speaking people using an Italian word to say goodbye all the time?"...but they do!

Mrs. Chappy said...

Jamie, the funny thing is that that word looked wrong so I looked it up on Google Translate and this is how it was spelled. I have already learned I can't trust that translator 100%. :)