Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guatemala National Cemetery

(Continued from Part 1 and Part 2)
City Tour Part 3: National Cemetery

The rotten smell of garbage and fermentation slapped us in the face as we stepped out of the truck.  Above us, vultures circled.
The National Cemetery is on a cliff overlooking the city dump.
There are sections for Germans, British, Chinese, teachers, military, musicians, politicians, as well as small families and individuals. 
The cemetery is like a small town. There are labeled street names. I could easily get lost here.
Between these walls of tombs there are rudely constructed shanties. People live here.

Some grave sites are kept up better than others.
This large structure is not for an Egyptian pharaoh. Nope, just the family that owns the local famous beer company. 
A place for the military.
This is the tomb for a past President featured on the 5 Quetzal bill. 
Learning to drive vehicles is prohibited in this cemetery, according to the sign. 
Vendors know to go where the people are, even in cemeteries. 
Next stop: the city dump.

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