Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why I shouldn't blog on days like today

I'm home with Hazel again. This was her a week ago, feverish and mellow and sleeping in my arms the whole morning. 
Today she has a cold and seemed miserable this morning, so we skipped swim lessons and stayed home from "school." It's getting frustrating how often someone in this family is sick, and my youngest seems to get it the worst of us all.

My blogging has been sporadic lately. I feel jumbled. I want to write and process and update, but I can't seem to sit down and do it. I lack the ability to put fingers to keyboard and write about what I really want to, except to write about why I can't write, which isn't even original as I've done it before, here. Instead, Michael and I have been watching a lot of Netflix until much too late at night.

And so, I present:

Things I Don't Have Energy To Write About*

*In blog or email** or my go-to-when-all-else-fails journal mode of writing

**I also can't seem to get the energy to email anyone even though I feel like I'm out of touch with everyone I know and will be for the next 5 years
  • Setting into life in Guatemala
  • Balancing work and home and family
  • Feeling good about my Spanish some moments and other times feeling like I can't communicate or understand anyone
  • The (mis)adventures of being an overly impatient mom
  • Missing family and friends and community
  • The mom I was with one child versus two
  • Christmas? It's almost December already? and my lack of feeling festive during what's normally my absolutely favorite time of year
  • I promise there really are things I'm thankful for
  • Why I Shouldn't Write a Blog Post When I'm Feeling Blah (Check.)

Since I don't have a lot of people to talk to about these, theoretically I could blog about them, hang my words out there for whomever to read, mostly, so I can process verbally my life. Instead, I just wrote a nice and neat list. Progress.

And now it's time for random pictures of my girls because I do realize it is Thanksgiving in America even if today feels like any average day here in Guatemala City, and I am very thankful for these silly, life-giving, precious girls:
Our very own Doc McStuffins
These moments
My shoes
Also my shoes
When this girl is hungry, nothing is going to stop her, not even a banana peel.
Thankfulness in the midst of feeling blah.

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