Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guatemala Baby Shower

The women's group that meets once a month at our church hosted a baby shower for us today. I'm not sure when the tradition of Baby Showers came to Guatemala, but they are not native to here. In fact, there's no word for them in Spanish, so they are called "Baby Showers" (in English) here, too.

The shower was very sweet and I felt very blessed. We have yet to buy anything for this baby, and though we don't need much, we do need some things. This was a good jumpstart for us as we have less than 10 weeks until my due date!

Some photos of our morning:

These Chile Rellenos were absolutely delicious. I haven't had them here in Guatemala, and at first thought they were rellenitos, but I was pleasantly surprised. 
This sweet cake was a gift from one of the women. She told me it's important to bring the mother a gift to a baby shower, like something to eat. We brought it home for the girls to enjoy.
These were the party gifts for all the women.

The activities included the women making baby clothes out of paper to hang on the "clothesline."
This was one of my favorites. 

Another activity was the women writing a nursery rhyme that they sang for us.

We received some thoughtful gifts.
This was one of my favorites. This dress was homemade by a very sweet lady. 
The maker of this adorable dress.
This incredibly soft blanket will be great here in January.
The women wrote blessings for the baby and our family and placed them in these eggs. 
We are blessed indeed. 
My friend, Vicky.
I have no explanation for this photo, except that we have a similar one with the other girls, I'm sure.
This is Nancy, one of our MCC workers, and she already loves this baby like she loves our two "princessas." 

It was fun to focus on this baby and realize she will be here in just 10 weeks!


serenaeldermott said...

Melissa, I have lots of extra stuff laying around. Is there anything that you are wanting that I could ship to a family member, that is shipping a bigger package to you? Please let me know, I am happy happy happy to help!

serenaeldermott said...

Fb message me if there is!!!