Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Is this your first?"

I have been asked this question a lot recently, as people find out we're pregnant. I never really know how to answer.

Yes, this will be the first child I give birth to.

Yes, this is the first time I've made it through the first trimester.

No, this is not my first pregnancy, but hopefully it will be the first to go full-term.

Usually I just say "yes," but I've always been pretty open about our previous loss, so depending on the person and the mood and situation, I sometimes go into a little more detail. I never want to make anyone uncomfortable for asking, but, it's always a bit weird for me to just flat out say "yes, this is my first."

I just don't it too much to go into detail? Or, do I simply say "yes" and bite my tongue?


Sherry said...

"I'm sorry to say we lost our first, but we're very hopeful we get to raise this one."

Amy said...

one of the books I read suggested to evaluate the situation before answering.

You'll get a lot of questions from random strangers in the grocery store, etc. Those kind of situations I just make it brief and simple.
If I'm in a conversation that has the potential to be a little more involved, then a comment like Sherry's would be easier.

Timmay! said...

I concur with what Amy said. Sometimes you just don't want to get into the details. Sometimes the other person is just making conversation and isn't expecting the details.

It is a similar situation when someone asks me how many brothers I have.

Sometimes I just pretend I didn't hear the question and answer my phone.