Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Progress, or Lack of Progress


Today was my due date. (Well, I've had four due dates, one being tomorrow, so maybe I'll get lucky.) Today has come and gone.

I had my 40-week check-up today. They did an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid, and it was fun to see our baby at full-term. We learned a few things: what we've thought is her foot kicking me this whole time was her elbow stretching; she's predicted to be about 7 pounds 1 ounce; at her last ultrasound she was growing faster than average, and now she's a bit below average.

They also did a non-stress test where they hooked me up to a monitor to check her heartbeat, fetal movement, and contractions. I thought I was having contractions every time she was moving, because her heartbeat shot up from about 130 to 160 or 170, but apparently, there were no contractions to be had.

According to my doctor, everything looks good. I'm healthy, all my tests are normal, great blood pressure. Did I mention my total weight gain has reached 50 pounds!?!

The one slight concern (besides that I'm at my due date and still no baby) is that my amniotic fluid is on the low side, so they don't want me to wait much longer. Therefore, they scheduled me to go to the hospital on Sunday afternoon to begin the induction process. They will first attempt a cervical ripening agent (I won't go into detail), and then early Monday morning, if still no contractions, they will start me on Pitocin to help jumpstart contractions. As my doctor said, by Monday night, I should have my baby.

I was fairly frustrated and discouraged about this. I have really been hoping to deliver naturally, and specifically, do NOT want to be induced. But, Michael and I recently discussed how I need to hold some of my hopes and expectations of this process loosely, since anything can happen, so this is one of those situations. I am thankful that I've had such a healthy, relatively uneventful and pleasant pregnancy, even up to these last few days. I've been going on multiple walks every day, and am not sure I could be any more ready for this baby (as "ready" as one can be). My mom is here, and Michael's parents will be here on Friday.

I still have a few days to see if she comes on her own. Either way, the most important thing is ending this process with a healthy baby, regardless of how she gets here. That's my focus for the next few days, as I go on walks, eat spicy foods, and try all the other old wive's tales to get this baby motivated to leave her cozy home!

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