Friday, July 22, 2011

Living in Fresno

If I'm being completely honest, Michael and I spend more time than we should complaining about Fresno. We miss family and friends all over the world and Fresno has yet to feel like "home" to us. Almost every person we know here is from here, grew up here, and all their friends and family live here. It makes it a bit hard to be from somewhere other than the Central Valley and sometimes we feel like we are encroaching on peoples' lives here. I don't always understand God's timing or plan for us, but we are constantly having to remind ourselves to see the positive things in our situation here.

Thus, I want to focus on a few reasons why Fresno isn't too bad. I wrote this post when we first moved here two years ago, and the positives are similar to now.

-Sunshine, and all that comes with it.

-Farmers Markets all over town. We could go to one almost every day if we wanted to.

-Outdoor water park fun.

-Proximity to beaches and sand.

-A swimming pool in almost every back yard (and friends who invite us over for a swim).

-Warm weather means Ellie and I go for a lot of jogs in the stroller. It also means family walks. (Below, Ellie was 4 days old.)

We've moved many times, and we always find ourselves looking back on previous phases of life with nostalgia. We often remember times that while they were happening seemed negative, but later, looking back, we remember with fondness. I'm sure we will do that someday with our time here in Fresno. (Disclaimer: We have no plans to leave Fresno any time soon.)

We are always learning and relearning that maybe the grass isn't always greener...

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