Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nesting in the Nursery

On Monday Michael took Ellie hiking with a few friends and I found myself with a whole day at home, alone. It was a perfect day to work on the girls' room: finishing the wall decor, rearranging, and organizing. 

I wanted alphabet letters in the room and got an idea on Pinterest to have ladies at my baby shower help decorate individual letters. 26 wood letters would be expensive so I used foam board, hand drew letter stencils of different fonts (a bigger perfectionist may have printed letters off the computer), then traced them and cut them with an exacto knife. Below is the result of several friends pitching in to help decorate. I wanted all the letters to look different and I love the end result. The picture doesn't do each letter justice, but here's a glimpse:
This wall is a collection of special pictures and artwork. The embroidered bunnies on the right were given to me by my aunt when I was a little girl. There's a picture of me when I was pregnant with Ellie, and a footprints heart Michael and Ellie made me for my birthday when she was barely 2 months old.
 A couple of special quilts from when Ellie was born. I need to figure out how to hang them better.
 My grandmother embroidered this when I was born. I reframed it for the room.
I've had Ellie's name up on the wall but am still trying to decide where the letters will go now. Maybe once we have this new little one's name picked out I will have two names for the wall. Ellie loves having her bench here so she can look out the window at the neighbor's cats and dog.

My Big Girl

Now that the room is organized I feel like this baby can come. My due date is 4 weeks from today. I'm feeling more ready every day!

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Anonymous said...

The letters turned out great! I think I may try something like that if we ever move the toy room to the basement. (Or I could find jungle papers and put them in the nursery).