Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our new house

A few weeks ago we moved from our apartment to a house just a few blocks away. It has been nothing short of glorious! We have a large yard, a patio, a covered area for hanging clothes (extremely useful during this rainy season), four bedrooms upstairs, two bathrooms including a real bathtub, and a full-size kitchen. We are so thankful!

We now have plenty of space to host people (which we do a lot when our staff have to come to the city). We also separated the girls for the first time since Hazel was just two months old. I was a little torn about this but it's given Ellie the chance to wake up in the morning and not wake up Hazel. And vice versa. We'll put them back together at some point, but for now, we're enjoying being able to sleep in just a little bit more every day. 

The only glitch with this house is that there's a possibility that the owners will be selling it this Spring. We're praying the buyers will continue to rent to us. It would be very difficult to find a house like this with a yard and this much space, so pray with us, please!

Here are a few reasons we love this house:
We chalk almost every day. 
We have a large front patio, partially covered, which means we can play outside rain or shine.
We found a perfect indoor place to hang a hammock under our stairs.

A kitchen with a full-size stove and oven (The apartment had a half-size oven).
I have already enjoyed baking homemade breads and muffins every week.
The kitchen came fully stocked and it's been like Christmas discovering a plethora of pots and pans and gadgets and even brand new bread pans.
Our living room.
Did I mention that we LOVE having a space to play outside? 

I will never take for granted having a yard again (I hope).
Here's the view when you enter our gate. The front of our house.
The side of our house.
Hazel's favorite spot in the house: this bottom step. She especially enjoys eating snacks here.
The previous reps had a keyboard that I was excited to buy.
We have had several dance parties and music nights. Both of the girls love to sing and dance and bop to the beat.
I hope to teach the girls how to play in the future.

We can't wait to host people here. Come visit us soon!

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