Friday, January 9, 2009

5 Days and counting

5 days until we leave and we are feeling ready. Friday's agenda is to pack our bags and make sure everything fits.

In some ways it feels funny to make a big deal about us leaving. We are only going to be gone for three months. But, as someone pointed out at our small group the other night, though it might be just an average few months here in the States, for us these three months will potentially be life changing, and may help determine our future one way or another. And, who knows how long we'll "be back" in April before we head somewhere else, depending on what happens over the next three months?

On another note, we received yet another financial update today. Actually, this update does not include support from this week, so we will probably get another update tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. We are now up to $10,436! We are so close to meeting our budget! I am so thankful that we will have peace of mind about this before we leave for our trip. We are so blessed by the amazing amount of support we've received, and I wish I could convey that better than in a simple thank you note in the mail or here on our blog.
But, I will try.

Thank you to all of you who are supporting us by committing to be a Prayer Partner for the next three months. Thank you to all of you who are supporting us financially. We have trusted the Lord to speak to each of you, you have responded, and God has Provided. All the glory goes to Him.

May we honor your offerings by clearly being open to the Lord's leadings over the next few months.

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