Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Wrist Incident

It's been wonderful to see how the Lord is continuing to provide.

This week has been filled with coffee dates, dinner dates, lunch dates, get-together dates, shopping for toiletries (this has involved multiple trips to the store already), and the first signs of packing for our trip.

One final requirement of EFM (our organization we are going to Rwanda through) is that Michael and I both get physicals so we can be deemed fit and healthy to travel. Michael had his physical yesterday, and he decided to ask the doctor about his wrist. A couple months ago he was playing on an indoor soccer team when he fell and landed on his wrist. He immediately stopped playing, and we left. Of course, both of our first thoughts were, "please don't be broken. We don't have health insurance." (That could be a whole different blog, but suffice it so say that it is very hard to find health insurance when one of us is working as a substitute and the other is finishing classes online.)

Well, it swelled and bruised within a couple days. He couldn't use it for much or it really bothered him. During this time he also was helping his parents move and was limited because of the strain it put on his wrist to lift furniture, etc. By this point we were figuring maybe it was fractured, but we knew that the doctor wouldn't do much because of the location.

Fast forward to yesterday. The doctor wrote an order for an x-ray, and because we chose to pay up front it only cost about $30, a huge relief. We decided to just get it done so we could have peace of mind, as it still bothers him often, though seems to be healing.

The doctor called today to report that yes, his wrist was fractured, but in a place where they wouldn't have been able to do anything if we had gone in when it first happened. The best news was that it looked to be healing completely and in just the right place, and the doctor advised us not to call an orthopedic surgeon who would tell us nothing could be done.

So we are thankful that the x-ray was cheap, and we feel peace of mind knowing he won't need any kind of surgery. Praise the Lord! This was just another way we've felt the Lord's presence this week as we prepare for Rwanda.

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