Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free T-Shirts in 45 kilometers

Tonight we decided to go for our second Coloradan Adventure.

We drove downtown, hopped out of the car, and started running (we were a little late so we missed the official starting point).

The event is put on by Jack Quinn's Running Club, which is an Irish pub and restaurant that hosts a 5K every week of the year. I don't know how many people ran tonight, but last week there were 933 runners. The starting and ending point of the loop is the restaurant. After the run, everyone goes upstairs for free appetizers (spaghetti, salad, garlic bread) and a lot of people drink a cheap pint of beer. (Personally, I don't like beer, but if I did, I can't imagine downing a pint right after a 5K run.) We waited too long to grab food and it was mostly gone, so we went next door to Chipotle, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

Our new goal is to run the loop nine more times so we get a free Jack Quinn's t-shirt. So, we may try to run this on Tuesday nights and the Manitou Incline on Thursday mornings. I was pretty happy with my time, but I definitely felt the altitude more than I did last Thursday hiking the Incline.

We're doing our best to adapt to the Coloradan lifestyle. :)

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