Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stroller Series

(This post was motivated by my sister-in-law and inspired by our mutual friend, Sherry, who loves to post pictures in a series on her blog.)

Ellie and I go on a lot of walks and runs in our jogging stroller. Not to be too overly dramatic, but I LOVE my BOB stroller. I have used it more in the last year than I would have ever thought. It was worth every penny. Just having it and wanting to use it has pushed me out the front door to exercise more times than I can count.

We walk to the library, to the grocery store, to the pharmacy. I've used it at the zoo, to get through the airport by myself with all my luggage, and just around town.

I also take a lot of pictures. A LOT. Naturally, I have a lot of pictures of Ellie in the stroller, as we both love spending time on walks/runs.

Here are a few from the last 17 months:

First walk in the stroller: 4 days old

Bundled up: 5 weeks old

Aunt Amy and cousin Isabelle visit: 5 weeks old

First trip to the zoo: 4 months old

Sophie the Giraffe came on most walks.

5 months old (March 2011)

7 months old (May 2011)

Fell asleep on a flight: 10 months old

Visiting Idaho: 11 months old

Our happy one year old

Happy New Year's Day 2012: 14 months old

Last week: 17 months old

And a bonus video: Ellie loves to sing, and is content in the stroller and the sunshine. This was an 80 minute walk and she loved every second of it.

We will definitely be getting a double stroller for Ellie's little sister to join in on the fun.

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