Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Regalitos (small gifts)

We received this sweet gift from our church. It's an indigenous mother with a baby on her back. I look forward to displaying it in our home in Oregon and thinking of our friends here.
We are giving this gift to our housekeeper, as a Thank You and a special memory for her of Ruby. She has spent the most time with Ruby, and they have a sweet bond. Just yesterday when Rosa was leaving for the day, Ruby started yelling, "no," ran up to her, and wouldn't let her put her down. Rosa gets tears in her eyes every day now, knowing we are leaving in a few days.

"The house is so empty," she keeps telling me. We are almost all packed.
We took our last trip to Antigua this weekend. I took several pictures on my Mom's camera but only have a couple here that I took. It was fun to get a few last minute souvenirs, and I look forward to hanging some of our purchases in our new home. Little pieces of Guatemala on our walls.

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