Wednesday, June 8, 2016

T Minus

We drove yesterday for 12 hours to arrive back home to Guatemala, after 10 days in Honduras.

We had meetings, said goodbye to our counterparts in other countries, and had a couple days to rest as a family and with friends.

Now we're at home and honed in on the fact that we have 25 days until we leave Guatemala.

I've been asked by several people if I will continue to write on this blog. Yes, I will. I've had this blog for years, and it will continue to be a place where I write and process life. I'm sure we will have much to think about as we transition to the States. 
I imagine I'll continue to reflect on how we may have changed in our three years, how priorities may have shifted. I think we will experience some levels of culture shock, though maybe not as stark as if we were living without access to so many North American amenities. My guess is that the changes and "shocks" will be subtle. We've talked a lot, Michael and I, about how we can be intentional with our choices and lifestyle as we go back to the States. How to live "simply" in an area where cost of living is very high. Purchases of furniture or toys or kitchen can these be done in a way that resonates with who we are and what we want to instill in our girls?

We have fears, too. I fear losing my Spanish for lack of practice. I fear forgetting. That our girls will jump right into life and not notice many differences. I fear how easy the "American dream" and consumerism can become a seduction, and hope to find balance in that.

We are a mix of emotions these days. We are excited, tired, happy, sad, grieving, busy, ready, planning, packing, dreaming, waiting, expecting, hopeful.

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