Friday, September 23, 2011

Ellie misses her Buela and Buelo!

Ellie and I returned home from our fun trip to Idaho to see Buela and Buelo (Michael's parents). We had so much fun and also got to visit with some friends. Ellie warmed up to her grandparents quickly, and definitely recognizes them and their names. I will post pictures soon, but I wanted to get this one up.

I found Ellie looking at this photo book the day after we got home. She had pulled this out of her toy box, opened it, and was talking to herself, pointing to the pictures, and I realized she was pointing to Buelo and Buela. Good thing she gets to see them again in less than a week in Colorado!


Mark & Joellen said...

Love when they start to recognize people in pics! My photo books from Shutterfly are my boys' favorite books to look through! Have fun in CO!

Krista said...

So precious! I love how our kids love their grandparents and they're some of the first names they learn!