Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Momming It Solo

Last week Michael traveled from Monday to Saturday. Compared to other times he's had to travel, I felt good. I wasn't overwhelmed and the girls did well helping me, playing together. We had our daily routine. I packed their snacks and lunches every night after they were in bed, did the dinner dishes, laid out their clothes so the mornings went smoothly, and all went well. We ate things like french toast and grilled cheese sandwiches and simple stir fry for dinner. It helps immensely to live within walking distance of the school, the MCC office, even our pediatrician's office. And it helps that Ruby is older and not quite as needy.
How I found the girls one night after putting Ruby to bed.
(Playing quietly! Together!)
Of course, I wasn't planning on two of my three girls getting sick and being at home most of the week. It was an unexpected glimpse into my younger two's bond. They got to play together, which is happening more as Ruby gets older. Mostly, they play next to each other, but it's still fun to watch.
The girls missed Michael. Of course I did too. We were  all counting down the days and nights. 

On Saturday morning, we suddenly heard the familiar noise of the pick-up truck pulling up in front of our house. Ruby heard it first and ran to the front door, yelling "Dadda! Dadda!" I wish I had had my video camera out. She was almost in tears with excitement.
So happy to see Daddy.
Their faces say it all.
Oh, and he brought me home a souvenir. 
It describes us well.
We spent the rest of the weekend as a family, being together. We're trying to be intentional about family time, taking advantage of time off to enjoy our sweet kiddos. They're pretty fun.

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