Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2nd and already struggling...

It's the second day of January and I almost totally dropped the ball on my "resolutions."

Most mornings I put on my workout clothes in the hopes that I will fit in a workout at some point. (No, not yoga pants. Those are saved for evenings and relaxing. Not yoga. Or running). So I did that today, but then the day happened. 

I was going to run after breakfast, but then Michael and I decided a walk to the market to buy food was a priority. So I did that.

After walking to the market and coming home, I spent the next half hour to an hour disinfecting and washing all our fruits and veggies, which turned into making lunch, Ruby's nap, cleaning. 

After lunch I thought I might go for a quick run, or pop in an exercise video. And then I decided I needed to walk around the corner to the local office supply store to buy contact paper. I spent the afternoon covering the girls' schoolbooks with contact paper.

Then I read some of the John Grisham novel that I'm in the middle of. (One of my Resolutions: read more books!) I wasn't feeling like running. I had zero motivation and the day was waning. 

Then it was dinnertime and I thought, welp, I guess I won't run today.

And then when I was putting Ruby to bed I had this glimmer of a thought that I should go run and get my daily step goal. I was lacking about 4000 steps, which takes less than a half an hour to get jogging outside. Since my husband is such a trooper, he said he'd read books to the girls so I could take advantage of my few minutes of motivation and run.

It was raining. But I ran. I got pretty wet. But I ran and got my goal for the day. Today I just wanted to move and stretch since yesterday I ran over 5 miles and my shins are sore. 

I didn't think it would happen, but I motivated myself by promising myself a homemade hot chocolate in my yoga pants if I got my goal.

Bonus: I blogged (in my yoga pants). Time for hot chocolate and John Grisham.

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