Sunday, January 24, 2016

World Fellowship Sunday

We are not Mennonites, but we have worked for Mennonites and have attended a Mennonite church for several years. We appreciate the Anabaptist perspective on many things.

(Quick history lesson: Anabaptists rejected infant baptism of the Catholic tradition and believed that baptism should be delayed until the person was old enough and able to profess their faith. Anabaptism means being baptized again.)

Today was World Fellowship Sunday. Each year in January, Anabaptist churches around the world celebrate their heritage. January 21, 1525 was when the first Anabaptist baptism took place in Switzerland, and the yearly celebration is a time to celebrate worldwide the connections among other Mennonites.

Our church here in Guatemala celebrates this with a large potluck, emphasizing the different countries represented among the congregation. The idea is to make a dish typical to each home country. Two years ago I made chocolate chip cookies. Typically American, right? (I think last year we may not have attended, since Ruby would have been a few days old).

This year we wanted to stay away from chocolate, so we went with some other American classics: baked macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and a blackberry cobbler.
It was fun to see all the countries represented, and the food was delicious!
Verenika, a Russian-Mennonite traditional dish of pasta filled with cheese.

Chile Rellenos. Delicious!
Horchata from El Salvador and delicious rice from Belize.
And there were pupusas. Yum. 
The pasta salad was actually an American dish.
Guatemala included refried beans, tortillas, and bread with shredded chicken, among other foods.
Paraguay represented with tasty sausages and potatoes. 
Ruby enjoyed the tortillas.

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