Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Lake Nearby

Our church headed out to Lake Amatitlan (less than an hour outside of Guatemala City) yesterday for a "planning retreat." We weren't sure what that would entail, but we went. We had never been to this lake before, though we've driven right past it several times.
Mostly we've just heard it's really polluted.
The girls helped with singing some worship songs to start off the morning.
We met at a camp and after a day of being inside a meeting room, we wanted to check out the view.
The place has some potential. 
We both saw this picture and thought, wow, we look old.
By the end of the day I had somehow become part of a committee to help expand the coffee community time before church every Sunday. At least that means baked goods and coffee. And hopefully building community. 

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Renee Harder said...

We lived about 10 minutes away from there! We loved to go and buy fresh mangos - there were usually lots of stands along the road by the lake.