Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another Little Sickie

Ellie slept all day yesterday. We woke her up around 5:30pm to give her meds. That's never happened before. Poor girl.

Today hasn't been much better, though she's been awake more and watched some Netflix.

And of course, Ruby woke up with a runny nose.

The good thing is that whenever I say "tissue," Ruby leans forward and "blows" her nose. Not to be confused with "blow your nose," where she starts blowing kisses instead.

Just a few days ago she hated having me wipe her face, and now she's a pro. She knows exactly what to do. She's seen a lot of wiped noses lately.

She's really into tissue, too.

If I could earn a penny for every nose I've wiped, I could at least buy myself a well-deserved latte. Too bad moms can't send someone a bill. 

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